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Consumer Advocacy Platform

The Consumer Advocacy Platform is committed to the promotion of dialogue between the various stakeholders and consumers and to advocate for the respect of consumers’ basic rights. The platform will also encourage consumers to behave more responsibly and become more assertive.

The main objectives of CAP are to promote consumers’ rights in Mauritius as well as in Rodrigues. We also aim at involving ourselves in the Southern African region.

The CAP advocates for the satisfying of consumers’ basic needs, better access to services, and access to better quality products. We are committed to bring our contribution to poverty alleviation through consumer empowerment and education.

The Consumer Advocacy Platform has enlisted the collaboration of academia and professionals from various sectors in addition to social workers. It will be managed by an Executive Council which will be backed by a Council of Experts comprising practicians of international repute. This will ensure that position papers and policy documents are based on rationale and facts.

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15 March is World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD), an annual occasion for celebration, impact and global solidarity within the international consumer movement. Each year consumer organisations mark WCRD by joining together to highlight and raise awareness of an issue that is important to consumers around the world. The theme of WCRD 2017 is Building a Digital World Consumers can Trust. On this occasion, the Consumer Advocacy Platform has called upon the Information Communications and Technologies Authority (ICTA) to implement the number portability for mobile phones, enabling consumers to enjoy freedom in their choice of telephone service providers, better service quality and better tariffs. It has to be reminded that number portability had been mentioned as far back as 2003, then taken u...





Our main objectives.

Consumer Rights

To advocate for Consumer Rights in Mauritius (including Rodrigues) and in southern Africa.


To build consumer advocacy capacities to strengthen consumers and defend their interests.


To empower consumers through consumer education and training.

Written Publications

To design, publish and disseminate or sell consumer literature geared towards consumer empowerment.

Media Publications

To produce and disseminate or sell audio visual consumer oriented material.


To evolve into a fundraising facilitator for other consumer associations in Mauritius


To design, implement or cause to implement projects, surveys, research activities, in-depth studies and any other academic exercise geared towards the upliftment of consumer rights, on its own or with the collaboration of other consumer associations and/or academic institutions.


To design, implement or cause to implement multi-country projects to uphold consumer rights in countries thus identified.



Expectations from Power Consumers

I would like to thank the Director/Chief Executive Officer of the URA, Mr. Alfred D. Byigero, for allowing the Consumer Advocacy Platform the opportunity to express the consumer point of view at this high-level seminar. While we understand that this seminar focuses on the Electricity sector, we would expect the URA to extend its operations to the water and the wastewater sectors, very soon, in view of, firstly, the long time that has passed between the adoption of the URA Act and the setting up of the URA itself, depriving consumers of their right of recourse against arbitrary decisions taken by the providers, and secondly, in view of the urgency that government is demonstrating in favour of the pseudo-privatisation, so-called affermage of the CWA. An extension of its field of action w...



The membership of the Consumer Advocacy Platform is open to all individuals, irrespective of gender, nationality and religious or ethnic background or political conviction. Trade unions and any pressure group may form part of the CAP.


The CAP – Mauritius is managed by an Executive Council, which is the supreme body of the organisation. The Executive Council is elected every three years by the Annual General Assembly. Executive Council Members are not allowed to involve in active politics.

The Executive Council comprises of nine members, three of whom are females members and one from Rodrigues.


The Executive Council is assisted by a Council of Experts constituted of foreign experts in the fields of Consumer Protection, Competition Policy, and Sustainable Consumption. The Council of Experts acts on an advisory capacity.


La Semaine mondiale de l’allaitement maternel, célébrée chaque année du 1er au 7 aout, sera consacrée aux femmes au travail. Le thème est : Allaitement et Travail… tous au boulot ! Ce thème tombe à point pour Maurice, avec l’amendement des lois du travail permettant d’étendre le congé de maternité de 12 à 14 semaines. Célébrée à l’initiative de la World Alliance for Breastfeeding and Action, et reprise par l’OMS, la Semaine mondiale de l’allaitement maternel permet aux gouvernements, aux ONG et aux activistes de concentrer leurs actions en vue de promouvoir, soutenir et encourager l’allaitement maternel. Cette année marque le 25e...



Le Consom'Acteur

La diplomatie du vaccin

23.03.2021 Editorial
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La diplomatie du vaccin

En administrant au peuple le vaccin indien Covaxin qui attend toujours l’approbation de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé, le gouvernement mauricien aurait-il décidé de privilégier ses liens diplomatiques au détriment des risques potentiels encourus par les personnes vaccinées ? C’est la question que l’on doit se poser avec la décision de poursuivre le programme de vaccination ...

« La vaccination risque d’entraîner une catastrophe mondiale sans égale »

23.03.2021 Actualité
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« La vaccination risque d’entraîner une catastrophe mondiale sans égale »

Ce n’est pas l’affirmation apocalyptique d’un de ces fervents supporteurs de la théorie du complot, mais d’un virologue de réputation mondiale. Dans une lettre publiée dans le journal français France Soir le 15 mars et republiée le 16, Geert Vanden Bossche Ph.D,  virologue indépendant et expert vaccinal, demande à l’OMS et à toutes les parties ...

Vaccin Sinovac : Le principe de précaution devrait prévaloir

16.03.2021 Actualité
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Vaccin Sinovac : Le principe de précaution devrait prévaloir

De l’aveu de la Dr Gaud, le vaccin anti Covid-19, Sinovac, fabriqué en Chine n’est pas reconnu par l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS). La Consumer Advocacy Platform (CAP) estime donc que ce vaccin ne devrait pas être administré à la population. C’est le principe de précaution qui doit prévaloir. Le président de la CAP, ...

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